About Us

Supercharged Entertainment was founded in 1996 by Stephan Mackenzie, the internet was just a baby back then and many people were still accessing it with dial up modems. Most websites were simple, much like an online business card. As the internet became more readily available and speeds improved, so did the websites. Some early adopters even started to sell goods and services online.

Fast forward 20+ years and collectively we are now an online society; with our business, friendships and social lives accessible with portable devices 24/7. Initially, Supercharged Entertainment’s focus as a company was primarily web design but has since evolved into a business solutions provider.

There are many canned business solutions for almost every industry, but in the end they will all fall short for your particular business. While I agree these affordable solutions have a place in business, once you have a proof of concept and are in business to stay, there is nothing like having a tailored software solution.

This is where we come in… call us today to learn how we can change how you do business online.

Stephan Mackenzie