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Additional Services:
* Please contact us to discuss your specific needs*

All prices are subject to change without notice.
These prices are a guide only. Please contact us for a quotation and conditions. We do have discounts for many services. Please ask about it.

• Additional Web Page = $60/hour
• Site Uploads/Downloads = $30.00 Site Transfers = $35.00
• Site Repair = $50/hour
• Add Music or Sounds = $50/hour
• Add Video Clips or Movies = $50/hour
• Internet Tutoring (Webdesign/Browser/Email Setups/Etc) = $50/hour
• Custom Graphic Design = $50/hour
(this include scanning, resizing and touch-ups to the image)
• Logo/Banner = $25-35/hour
• Animation Banner and/or Logo = $40-50/hour
• Image Maps = $35.00/hour
• Image Scanning Only = $30/hour
• Site Maintenance = $100-150/month up to 4 hours/month or 8 edits. (discount available)
• Data Entry/Typing = $35/hour
For services not listed, please contact us.

Web site maintenance is provided on a monthly basis, and rates are negotiated based on the anticipated needs of the site in question. Sites that have frequently changing content would have a higher monthly charge than a site with either automated or stable content. Details as to what services are included in monthly maintenance are determined in the fee negotiation process, as each site has its own specific needs and requirements.

Marketing Help: We can provide assistance which will enable you to better utilize the Internet to market your products and services.

E-Commerce Solutions: We can provide solutions for your subscription or product delivery needs, including membership management, shopping carts, billing, and credit card merchant accounts.